Guide to buy a dehumidifier for your home

Recently, the weather was very wet drizzle, high air humidity make homes, furniture was moldy, water would drop from the ceiling and the walls, the floor was sticky and wet, many people think to buying a dehumidifier to improve this situation.Guide to buy a dehumidifier for your home

Should buy a dehumidifier?

What makes most users consider when looking to buy a dehumidifier is the price issue. Dehumidifier quite expensive compared to other home appliances, ranging price from about 150 to 300 USD, equivalent to the amount of money can buy home appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, air-conditioning …, while dehumidifiers use only a relatively short time in years.

So can buy air conditioner instead of a dehumidifier? If your family is available conditioners can enable drying to reduce moisture in the room, but the possibility of regulating hygroscopic limited than dehumidifiers because this feature is only plus, in addition to large capacity air conditioner should be consuming more power.

In fact, according to How Stuff Works page, conditioning can also function like a dehumidifier: it reduces the humidity in your home warm air by sucking air in and put a coil passing cold. But the difference is, the air conditioner does not heat the air before discharging it back, and that’s the way it keeps cool space. Also, the air conditioner does not have hygrometer and therefore it does not measure the relative humidity, it’s just the temperature. Once cooling your house to the ideal temperature level that you have installed, it will stop running. This can cause indoor humidity to rise again, and make the air in your home feel warmer than reality.

Although dehumidifiers need to work in a confined space like a new air conditioner, the most effective, but if you need dehumidifier in certain areas such as the corner of the house, the stairs area, room air conditioner … not inserted, then a dehumidifier capable of moving around in the house is an interesting choice.

Thus, if you really need to reduce moisture and humidity, may consider buying a dehumidifier. You can carry out using the machine on wet monsoon season every year, rain or wind while stretching.


The effects of dehumidifiers

“Investment” a dehumidifier probably does not matter if it works really well. So the principle of operation of the dehumidifier is, whether it is worth the money to invest it?

When people complain about the humidity, that is they are talking about relative humidity (relative humidity). Depending on the temperature, the air can hold a fixed amount of water vapor; Relative humidity is the ratio of actual water vapor in the air compared to fixed numbers. For example, at 20 degrees C, a cubic meter of air can hold about 18 grams of water. This is a state of saturation, also known as the relative humidity of 100%. In an average house at 20 degrees Celsius, relative humidity should ideally somewhere between 30-50%. If the humidity is higher, you will feel very uncomfortable, stuffy and musty smelling, being the respiratory disease. Therefore, if you want to maintain the appropriate humidity, you need a dehumidifier. See the post how to choose best dehumidifier for bathroom

Imagine you are enjoying a soda in a special day “warm”. When you pick up the cans, you may find it quite wet, because moisture on the outside. Why so? When the air loses heat, it also began to lose the ability to retain moisture; colder surface of the soda will attract moisture from the warmer air around and creates condensation. Your dehumidifier also works in a similar fashion: condensation in a refrigeration compressor.

Most dehumidifiers can be divided into five major components:

– Fan Compressor: device compresses and cold air spreads as wide a freon for cooling coils of the dehumidifier.

– Reheater: Collect and keep the heat generated from the cooling process.

– Compressor cooling coils: The coils cooled compressor

– Reservoir: water tank

Fans will collect air from the surrounding area and suck air into the dehumidifier. Air enters inside will be exposed to the cooling coils of the dehumidifier. The coils will use mechanisms to separate condensing moisture from the air. Collected will be deposited moisture into droplets and flows into the container of a dehumidifier. Dehumidifier will heat the air (moisture has been separated) and put it back into the room.

Water storage of dehumidifiers can be disassembled easily

Dehumidifier usually have a plastic water bottle is removable, when full, you can remove it emptied. However you can also connect a pipe to drain water leads straight into. Most dehumidifiers have auto shut off when the water in the tank was full, so you do not have to worry about water spillage.

Many dehumidifiers hygrometer well equipped, allowing you to identify the desired humidity. For example, if you select 50% humidity, the dehumidifier will work and maintain the humidity in the room.

Buy dehumidifiers

Generally, the basic features of dehumidifiers hygroscopic simply, automatically disconnect when the container is full, adjust the desired humidity, but dehumidifiers are divided into two types, kinds and types of muscle control electronic control.

The electronically controlled machines often have greater value than muscle control, greater efficiency hygroscopic, which adds features such as increasing or decreasing the fan speed, drying air mode (quick help air drier), air purification (filter), self-timer off … The large room of 30 m2 or more, the need to buy dehumidifiers control electronics, since almost no muscle control types such big performance.

Hygroscopic performance levels is the most popular 12l / day, 16l / day and 20l / day and at this level you should select engine control computer will be cheaper (from 150-300 USD).

The market has pretty much brand dehumidifiers such as Edison, Jacon, Aikyo, Fujie, Nagakawa, Welix, Daiwa, Aquaria, STEBA …, but this machine is not marketed widely. You have to buy out some online sales sites (no firsthand watching and weigh machine) or in Hanoi can the Hang Khoai, but most places sell only one – two samples. At the electronics stores such as Tran Anh, Pico, Nguyen Kim …, you just have little choice, only about 2 machines have different performance. The big supermarkets like Big C does not have this machine.

Some online sales site could give lower price supermarkets around -15 USD 10 thousand for the same model but that you buy at the supermarket to get the best warranty, because these products are almost best warranty in the place of sale.

Using dehumidifiers

The dehumidifier can absorb moisture around 10-12l / day usually 210-250W power level, the higher sample capacity of about 400-600W, lower than the air conditioner (12,000 BTU air conditioner often with average capacity of about 1.1 to 1.3 KW), so the overall dehumidifiers consume less power conditioners.

On the advice of How Stuff Works, to really save your electricity bill, you do not turn it on all day, and establishing reasonable hygrometer (50% rather than 30%). You also need to close the doors and windows closed while running a dehumidifier to increase efficiency and avoid the machine to run continuously at high intensity.

Most dehumidifiers exhaust air from the top of the machine, but if your dehumidifier outlet at the back, you need to set the camera away from the wall and the furniture to allow air to flow freely. Keep it away from sources of dust or dirt, as this can quickly clog the machine. Regularly check and clean the filter of the machine, to avoid dust on efficiency will reduce moisture absorption.

Need regular hygiene of the machine filter

You can take advantage of the water obtained from a dehumidifier to water the plants, because although this is not used for drinking water, but it is well suited to crops due to its less salty than the water from the tap

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