Precautions while you are going on backpacking camp

Nowadays people like to go out for the backpacking camps. They have become very popular among in all the age groups. The backpackers have to take certain precautions while going out on the trips. There are different kind of trails and preferences that the campers decide on.

There are people who prefer to carry a little weight with them in their backpacks whereas there are people who prefer to carry everything they considered. They think everything as essential. Carrying a lot of weight can spoil the fun of a backpacking trip. You may have to leave the trip in mid and return back from the camping trip. Your stamina will reduce with heavy weights so you need to be careful if going on a long duration trip. So it is the golden rule of the backpacking trip that not to carry the weight to stress out yourself. You have to prepare the list before you go for the trip.

backpacking camp

The backpacking gears such as tents, chairs, best backpacking stove, accessories should be in good state and must be of good  quality. The quality matters more than the quantity. The inferior  quality can ruin your camping trip. For example, if your chair or tent is broken, then your trip will be in soup.  So always carry the light weight, high quality stuff.

When you are purchasing the backpack for the camping purposes, you need to check how much weight will you be able to carry. Now the stores provide you the sandbags. You can insert the sandbags in the backpack and check how much weight can you insert in it. You need to be assured that sandbag test is accurate before you buy the backpack for yourself. You must also check the fitting of the backpack. It must be properly fit. It should provide you the comfort at the time you wear it. The weight of the backpack must be allocated throughout your body. You must not feel any pain in the body. If there is pain or discomfort at anybody part while you wear it, then adjust again or change the backpack.


It is also important to check the hip and shoulder straps of your backpack before you actually purchase it. The straps should not be loose. The shoulder strap at least support thirty percent of the body weight, but the hip straps support at least seventy percent of the weight of the backpack. There should not be any flaw on these straps as the bag might fall from your shoulders. When you purchase the backpack check the usability too. If you find it coy enough, then do not think and buy it for your camping trip. Check with your friends who have the experience before you decide on the final one. Do all the possible tests so that your trip is too ruined due to the backpack. Ask the sales representative if you need any kind of help in the store.

Once you select the right bag for the adventure trip you need to decide on the backpacking clothes for your adventure trip. The clothes must be soft, comfortable and light. The base layer of your clothes must consist of your undergarments. They must be of soft wool or else have the moist free polyester. The cotton sweats and it will take too long to dry. The shorts and pants should be convertible type that save you from packing up too many lowers in the backpack.. there are zips in these lowers that  open and fold according to the body temperature required while hiking. Avoid using the cotton socks while you are out on hiking trip. Your socks would sweat and can create bristles onto the feet. You can choose the synthetic or the woolen socks for yourself.

bear cubs

People love to go on the backpacking trip to enjoy the nature and watch it closely. You may encounter the animals if are going in the jungle. You may see Bears and bear cubs. Do not get attracted towards the innocent bear cubs. Do not touch them as the adult Bears are very protective towards their babies. They might attack you. Stay away if you spot any bear. Behave in a normal manner and pass them away. Keep talking and ignore the animals. It can be dangerous if you try to give the food to the animals in the jungle. Just leave them alone and enjoy your trip. Take the precautions and stay alert to make the memorable trip.