9 awesome benefits of massage for human health

Massage is a form of direct physical stimulation effect on the skin, nerves, blood vessels and organs receptors generate changes in the nervous, humoral, endocrine, thereby enhancing capability of the nervous system, improve the nutrition and the body’s resistance. I have post about massage chair pad and some useful tips, if you didn’t read, check it out.

9 awesome benefits of massage for human health
9 awesome benefits of massage for human health

When use of massage to the body:

1. Body Effect:

Improve the nutrition, improve resistance, improve mental activity by directly stimulating receptors in the body, causing neurological reflexes beneficial to health due to endocrine secreting substances such as choline cells, compound, histamine … etc., increases the activity of the nervous system and venous circulation.

2. Effects with muscle:

The massage will increase the strength of muscles, helps quickly recover from muscle fatigue when work more (example: walk more, exercise as much as playing sports stone Soccer, tennis, …) will cause cramping, bloating, pain … and the massage will do the symptoms which, in addition to massage also helps combat muscle atrophy, a positive accumulated helps muscle glycogen well-fed.

3. The effects to the nervous system:

The positive effects of massage to the cerebral cortex, depending on the patient’s status and the way different massage, to help increase sexual arousal while EEG test.

4. For use with tendons – joints:

Massage will increase resilience, operational properties of tendons, ligaments, promote the discharge of the joints and circulation around the joints, it will end the phenomenon of synovial stasis and phenomena in the liquid bag swollen joints, improves the blood and lymph circulation around joints, tendons, and bones …

5.For circulatory system:

Massage very good support for the heart and blood circulation, reduce the burden on the heart by relaxing the arteries, helps blood flow better, faster to remote areas such as the fingertip heart , toes …. for blood pressure, clinical practice has proven to be a massage of the head and the upper half will be very easy to make blood pressure rise, and will make your blood pressure go down if the massage half the bottom body.

In addition to massage on cervical vertebrae 2 and 3 will help lower blood pressure and massage on the 6th and 7th vertebrae can cause hypertension. for blood, during the massage, the number of red blood cells and platelets increased, help to strengthen the body’s defenses.

6. Lymph Tools:

Massage is very good for the lymphatic system. Massage has a direct effect lymph pushed in a direction given, making rapid increase lymphatic circulation many times, making rapid swelling consumption. Massage can relieve symptoms for patients with severe leg by walking, or excessive exercise, helps recover faster and go back to normal.

7. Use with respiratory:

When in the chest massage, the patient will breathe more deeply stimulated by the massage into the chest and because of nerve reflexes. massage into the vertebrae 6 and 7 will dilate the lungs, and massage into the vertebrae 4.5 will cause lung contraction, so the doctor will massage effect on these locations to support treatment for patients with asthma bronchus, lung sclerosis …

8.The process of metabolism:

The massage will increase urine output but will not alter the pH level in the blood, if more massage helps excrete toxins accumulate in the body off the road more urine.

9. Effects with digestion:

Massage has been shown to enhance the activity of the stomach, intestines, and improving digestive function ..

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